Real life phone call today, from a lady about her dog:

Mrs Nomeds: He’s licking his leg, but I don’t want to put anything on it that’s not natural.
Receptionist: Well, he’s licking there for a reason. Probably best to have it seen.
Mrs Nomeds: But then the doctor is going to want to give him something for it. I don’t want that.
Receptionist: If I’m hearing you right, you might want him seen but you wouldn’t want Dr  Claws to actually prescribe anything to help it.
Mrs Nomeds: Right. Unless it’s natural. Right now I’m using tea tree oil.
Receptionist: Is he licking the tea tree oil off?
Mrs Nomeds: Yes, he’s still licking but it’s fine. Tea tree is natural.
Receptionist: You know tea tree oil is toxic when ingested, right?
Mrs Nomeds: But it’s natural!

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