“The best time to make friends is before you need them.” ~Ethel Barrymore

The other day (as I was thinking about topics for another blog piece) I made a mental list of my favorite clients. I was a bit surprised by who ended up on the list. I thought, superficially, that the list would have nice people with my favorite patients. But… there were many clients on my list who have pets that I find difficult, or hard to connect with. (Don’t tell anyone, but vets don’t instantly love every animal they see. It’s a bit like people – not every personality will click.)

Why do I like these folks? The easy answer is that I know who they are. They are in the clinic more than once every two or three years. They are pleasant to my staff, especially to the great people we have answering the phones. They share a tendency to be calm and remain relatively pleasant even in times of stress. They take the time to chat a little with me, my associate vets, or the staff. They say please and thank you. When a problem arises, they deal with it directly and without drama. They have taken the time to cultivate a relationship. Continue reading