Everything you ever needed to know about pet food

There are a lot of people with vested interests out there trying to tell you what to feed your pets. Pet store employees and veterinary staff have opinions. Your friends and family have opinions. People at the dog park have opinions. The Internet is full of opinions. Opinions abound and some of them are wrong. Some are downright dangerous. I would like you all to approach the subject of pet food with the same degree of skepticism and critical thinking that you would take to other important topics in your life. Would you change your kid’s school because some mommy at the playground told you her kid’s school was better? Would you ask advice about buying a car from a kid at his first after-school job at a car wash? So why are you taking the advice of your neighbor the unemployed encyclopedia salesman about what to feed your cat? Continue reading

“Will (not) work for (dog) food”

The internet is a wonderful place, full of kittens and kindness and humor and uplifting stories and hard news and legitimate science, baby. It’s also full of grifters, misinformation, calumny, distortion, prevarication, obfuscation, falsification, misrepresentation, sophistry, lies, damn lies, and statistics. You all know this.

But I also know that you all have big hearts. You see stories about animals in need and feel moved to help. I understand this compulsion. It’s the same for me when I see stories about animals that are abused or in distress or pain, especially when accompanied by a photo of a very sad-looking dog or cat. Or cow; I love cows.
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