The Rise of the X-Poo

Several things came across my Facebook feed and showed up on my favorite vicarious veterinary forum this week with a similar theme.

I must conclude that a lot of veterinarians are somewhat irrational breedists.

Cute mutt

Simply full of squee.

Why do we (vets) insist on being breed purists? We aren’t dog show judges. We aren’t dedicated to preserving the genetic purity of any one breed. When we see some admitted mutt with a cute little face we melt and feel happy and gush over how adorable he is. Yet, when presented with a dog that is a putative cross between known breeds, particularly if the cross is given a name, some veterinarians completely lose their shit. Continue reading

More on pet food

I wanted to share this HuffPo article today. It is an insightful look at the pet food industry and pet food marketing.

Looking For The Safest, Healthiest Pet Food? Good Luck With That.

There are some stats in it that you should note – particularly the rate of contamination of both raw and commercially processed foods with organisms like Listeria and Salmonella. We are all familiar with Salmonella, but Listeria is more frightening. It causes meningitis in infants (it’s the reason obstetricians recommend pregnant women avoid soft cheeses) and has a very high fatality rate. Scary bug.

I was heartened to see this article in the section where it belongs – politics.