Traveling with your veterinarian

Traveling with veterinarians is like extracting teeth – it can be either simply awful or awfully simple, depending on how much work you put into planning and what complications arise. Consider the following carefully in preparation for your next trip.

Make sure you have your veterinarian’s travel documents in order. Check with the consulate for the countries you are entering to determine whether any special vaccinations are required. Make sure that you have its passport updated and have copies of its vaccination certificates. Continue reading


Print one out for every member of your staff and have a contest. Bingo dabbers not required! We would take about a year to have a blackout here, I think – the hardest to get would be flowers and foxtails. And probably birds, since I don’t see many pet birds. We might have to go for a single lines or an X or something to start. Have fun!
Vet clinic bingo

Windows to the soul

Seen in a recent medical record from another clinic:Cat eye

“Unable to perform meaningful ophthalmic exam. Dog feels that the bright light is the tunnel to heaven, and emphatically doesn’t want to go there yet. Will not allow this to happen even with a muzzle on, not a battle we are going to win. Slightly more sanguine about allowing my gaze (without illumination) to rest on her eyes briefly, at least long enough to ascertain a lack of redness and clear corneas. The deeper mysteries of the eyes will have to remain unexplored.”

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…” ~Charles Dickens

Roller coaster Williams

The morning started pretty routinely. I saw a few appointments and did some surgery, just the usual life-saving stuff that’s ho hum these days (kidding). Our local board-certified radiologist  stopped by on schedule to do ultrasound exams on a few patients that we’d lined up. Just another day in paradise. Continue reading

The Rise of the X-Poo

Several things came across my Facebook feed and showed up on my favorite vicarious veterinary forum this week with a similar theme.

I must conclude that a lot of veterinarians are somewhat irrational breedists.

Cute mutt

Simply full of squee.

Why do we (vets) insist on being breed purists? We aren’t dog show judges. We aren’t dedicated to preserving the genetic purity of any one breed. When we see some admitted mutt with a cute little face we melt and feel happy and gush over how adorable he is. Yet, when presented with a dog that is a putative cross between known breeds, particularly if the cross is given a name, some veterinarians completely lose their shit. Continue reading

More on pet food

I wanted to share this HuffPo article today. It is an insightful look at the pet food industry and pet food marketing.

Looking For The Safest, Healthiest Pet Food? Good Luck With That.

There are some stats in it that you should note – particularly the rate of contamination of both raw and commercially processed foods with organisms like Listeria and Salmonella. We are all familiar with Salmonella, but Listeria is more frightening. It causes meningitis in infants (it’s the reason obstetricians recommend pregnant women avoid soft cheeses) and has a very high fatality rate. Scary bug.

I was heartened to see this article in the section where it belongs – politics.


Old houseGod, I hate a mystery.

I had two of them this week, which made the week both diagnostically interesting and somewhat frustrating. Today is Friday and one of the mysteries was solved (post-mortem, unfortunately) but I’m left with a lingering sense of having not done a good job.

It’s interesting that despite the “wins” this week (patients with complex issues that I was able to sort out, the rare disease I recognized at a glance, curative surgeries that went off without a hitch), I’m dwelling on the “losses”. I know I’m not alone in this habit. Most of my vet friends express the same pattern, where the great good they do and the many lives they save are relegated to the attic of the mind like the crazy old auntie, while the mysteries and failures occupy the main floors, making our heads into haunted houses. Continue reading