Here, kitty kitty!

I opened a hospital in a very urban, very “big city” neighborhood with lots of restaurants and shops and things available within walking distance so people don’t have to drive cars much. People live cheek-by-jowl in high-rise apartment buildings and live-work condominiums. No houses. We see an unexpected number of large breed dogs, like pitbulls and labs. And we see cats, but not as many as I expected. I thought we’d see lots, what with all of the apartments.

It seems that people are reluctant to take their completely indoor cats to the vet because there is a perception that they don’t “need” to go. I agree that completely indoor cats with a stable pet population in the home don’t need to be vaccinated much, if at all. This completely depends on the specific home, of course. Cats who live with a kind volunteer who fosters litters of feral kittens should probably be vaccinated intermittently. Cats who are loners or have a couple of siblings and the  family isn’t going to be changing any time soon… not so much. Continue reading

Important information

The other day I saw a cat with a swollen foot.

Me: So what’s up with Megapod today?
Mrs Iterate: She’s perfectly fine, but her foot is huge! Why is her foot big?
Me: Not sure yet, let me take a look.
MR (2 seconds later): What is it?
Me: Hang on, just give me a sec.
MR (1 seconds later): What is it?
Me: Well, there’s a scab.
MR: A scab?
Me: Yes, a scab.
MR: From what?
Me: Probably a cat bite, it’s hard to tell.
MR: A bite? Continue reading